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Swasamrutham Liquid 200ml Syrup

Useful in Cough, Cold, Running Nose

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About Sri Chamundeshwari Pharmacy

The CHAMUNDESHWARI PHARMANCY one of the well-established pharmaceutical company in India, Tamilnadu, South India with the blessing and grace proudly proclaims the fulfillment and success in the proper healing of respiratory related diseases along with sincerity to the ethics and using best technology and scientific manufacturing process.

Sri Chamundeshwari Pharmacy's Swasamrutham Syrup is an effective formula to help you if you are suffering from wheezing, cold, cough, sinusitis, allergic, Bronchities, minuties Eosinophilia, Running nose, etc.

  • Dosage - Once/twice a day before or after food
  • Mode of use - Adults : 10-15ml
  •                        Children : 3-6ml
  • Diet - Not to be taken : Fish, Curd, Guava, Brinjal, Chicken, Thatta Payitu
  • Note - Dont take water or food for 10 minutes after taking medicine.