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Dr. Loonawat Wartosin 3ml (Wart Remover)

For all kinds of elevated or hanging warts

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  • Help remove warts within 4-5 days
  • Removes elevated warts and skin tags
  • Can be used on neck, face, and underarms
  • Easy to apply using provided wooden applicator stick

About Dr. Loonawat

Wart are caused by a viral infection, specifically by human papilloma virus (HPV). Dr. Loonawat Wartosin is a unique Ayurvedic solution for the problem of elevated warts on face, forehead, neck, cheeks, maxilla, etc. It contains Khatika, Cuma, Spatigam, Tankana, Karpoor, Rose water (base) Q.S.

Application Shake the bottle well before use, until the solution is completely mixed.
Clean warts with mild soap and water.
Apply Loonawat Wartosin twice a day, only with the wooden applicator provided with the pack
Apply Loonawat Wartosin only on the head or tip of the warts, and not on the surrounding skin.
Loonawat Wartosin is only for removal of elevated warts i.e hanging out of the skin.
Please take care that the medicine does not fall on the surrounding skin and if it does, clean the area with a damp cotton or cloth.
On application of Loonawat Wartosin, there could be a few seconds of slight irritation on the warts, depending upon the skin texture.
Apply very less quantity of Loonawat Wartosin.
Do not apply on more than 3 or 4 warts at a time.
Do not apply on open, cut or bleeding warts.
Apply Loonawat Wartosin twice a day until the wart falls off.
Never use cotton/ear buds, use only wooden applicator provided with this pack.
Do not apply on the root or base of the wart.