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Aimil Lukoskin Combo - Ointment(40gm) + Oral Liquid(100 ml)

Scientifically proven Ayurvedic formula for Vitiligo and Leucoderma (white skin patches)

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  • Activates synthesis of melanin (skin colour pigment), by activating tyrosinase activity and making free copper available.
  • Exerts skin photosensitisation, helps to initiate erythema(redness) on the spots of vitiligo.
  • Enhances blister healing, Reduces irritation & formation of blister, simultaneously checks hyperpigmentation in skin.
  • Modulates immunity with regards to both non-specific cellular and humoral immune response.
  • Reduces stress, exerts relaxing effect on CNS, thus helps to improve psychological & emotional trauma is Leucoderma patients.
  • Regulates metabolism, facilitates proper absorption & utilization of essential micro-nutrients needed for melanin synthesis & gradually improves auto-immune system.

About Aimil Pharmaceuticals

AIMIL, a renowned name for Quality herbal health products in market established with aim of taking the legacy of Ayurveda ahead scientifically since 1984, is the leading health contributor to the society by Innovations- Developments- Manufacturing- Marketing and Promoting a broad range of ayurveda products in different dosage form indicated in several acute- sub-acute and chronic diseased conditions.

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“A comprehensive & long lasting approach in the management of Leucoderma”

Aimil Lukoskin dual therapy is a scientifically developed, innovative formulation which provides effective approach in the management of Leucoderma(Depigmentation of skin). This unique formulation is developed by Defense Institute of Bio-Energy & research, a wing of Defense Research & Development Organisation(DRDO) after exhaustive scientific studies establishing its efficacy & safety by restoring skin colour. Lukoskin dual therapy includes oral liquid & ointment, together provide a comprehensive treatment for depigmentation of skin. Lukoskin oral liquid for internal medication to meet out the nutritional deficiency and to restore the immune system and ointment for topical application on vitiligous lesions.

Key ingredients of Aimil Lukoskin are:
  • Babchi,
  • Kaunch,
  • Ghrit Kumari,
  • Krishn Tulsi,
  • Bal Jadi,
  • Chameli,
  • Til Tail,
  • Vish Naag,
  • Arka,
  • Mandook Parni, 

Aimil Lukoskin Oral Liquid:
Adults : 1 to 2 ml. (20 to 40 drops) diluted in a cup of watertwice or thrice.

Children : 1/2 to 1 ml. (10 to 20 drops) diluted in a cup of water twice or thrice.
Or as directed by physician.

Aimil Lukoskin Ointment:  Apply gently from pigmented to non-pigmented area, once or twice a day and take oral liquid. After half an hour, Expose the area to sun either before 11 am or after 3 pm for 10-20 mins.
Leucoderma/Vitiligo (White Skin Patches) or as directed by the physician.


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