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Baidyanath Kesari Kalp Royal Chyawanprash, 1 Kg

Chyawanprash enriched with Gold, Silver & Saffron

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  • Relieves symptoms of premature ageing
  • Enriched with benefits of gold, silver, and saffron
  • Aids in faster cell regeneration
  • Boosts body's immune system
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Builds healthy tissues
  • Helps in case of vitamin and mineral deficiency

About Baidyanath

Ayurveda had truly entered the new age with the advent of modern methodologies that allow for Pharmacognocy and clinical research, and Baidyanath since added a new dimension to this ages old science by standardizing old formulations and evolving newer ones. Today, Baidyanath produces the largest range of Ayurveda products with over 700 formulations, sold at over 1,00,000 retail outlets, catering to over 50,000 practitioners. Baidyanath continues to live the role it had assumed decades age, that of a true heir to the legacy of Ayuveda.

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A unique research formula, Baidyanath Kesari Kalp has been prepared by the Ayurvedic Scholars and Baidyanath Research Foundation. An excellent remedy to relieve symptoms of premature aging like wrinkles, greying of hair, weight loss, debility, black circles, vitamin & mineral deficiency, and convalescence. The extraordinary power of Swarna Bhasma, Silver & Saffron in combination with 44 choicest herbs and minerals, has been incorporated.
The precious Swarna Bhasma acts as a powerful rejuvenator and an anti-aging agent. Silver tones up and strengthens the nervous system while Saffron acts as an energy bar and vitalizer. Rich in natural Vitamins & Minerals; it nourishes the body, strengthens and balances the body system and retards the aging process.

Each 100 gm of Baidyanath Kesari Kalp contains:

  • Amla pulp 40g,
  • Ghrta 2.65g,
  • Sarkara 62.5g,
  • Bilva 0.25g,
  • Agnimanth 0.25g,
  • Syonaka 0.25g,
  • Gambhari 0.25g,
  • Patala 0.25g,
  • Shalparni 0.25g,
  • Prishniparni 0.25g,
  • Masparni 0.25g,
  • Gokshura 0.25g,
  • Brahti 0.25g,
  • Kant-kari 0.25g,
  • Shatawari 0.25g,
  • Shringi 0.25g,
  • Bhumi amalki,
  • Jivanti 0.25g,
  • Aguru 0.25g,
  • Guduchi 0.25g,
  • Haritaki 0.25g,
  • Bala 0.25g,
  • Nagarmotha 0.25g,
  • Punarnava 0.25g,
  • Utpala 0.25g,
  • Vidari kand 0.25g,
  • Mulethi 0.25g,
  • Vasaka 0.75g,
  • Vanslochan 0.4g,
  • Pippli 0.60 g,
  • Dalchini 0.14g,
  • Ela 0.3g,
  • Tejpatta 0.1g,
  • Lavang0.2g,
  • Kesar 0.08g,
  • Akarkara 0.15g,
  • Safed musli 0.10g,
  • Kaunch beej 0.14g,
  • Jaiphal 0.14g,
  • Soanth 0.12g,
  • Abhrak bhasma 0.10g,
  • Mukta-Sukti bhasma 0.10g,
  • Swarna bhasma 0.001g,
  • Chandiverk 0.01g,
  • Kaju 2.0g,
  • Badam 2.0g,
  • Kismish 3.0g,
  • Pista 0.30g.
  • Kesar oil 0.036 ml,
  • PRESERVATIVES: Methyl Paraben Sod. I.P. 10g and Propyl Paraben Sod. I.P. 05g.

5 - 10 gm (1 to 2 teaspoonful) with lukewarm milk twice a day.

Baidyanath Kesari Kalp Chyawanprash benefits:

  • It helps to build up body resistance.
  • Prevents cough and cold. 
  • Reduces fatigue.
  • Removes physical and mental tiredness.
  • An excellent remedy to remove symptoms of premature aging like:
  • wrinkles.
  • greying of hair.
  • weight loss.
  • dark circle around eyes.
  • loss of vigor & vitality.
  • Rich in Vitamin and Minerals.
  • Nourishes the body and energy booster.

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